Hitman: Absolution. Previews coming in!

PCGamesN visit the Vixen Club and outline seven brilliant things about Hitman: Absolution. Read the article here -

1. It’s got the best crowds

“The first time you encounter Absolution’s people-packs will be in Chicago’s busy Chinatown square. Push through some ornate doors separating the quiet alleyway in which your mission begins and the heaving square beyond, and the sense of noise and bustle hits you like a sonic sledgehammer. Hundreds upon hundreds of individuals clamour around food stalls, shouting their orders and mingling realistically, while street vendors toss flaming teriyaki and gaggle impatiently with their punters. And rather than the usual repetitive aural hubbub of “rhubarb rhubarb”, your ears are bullied by half a dozen individually recorded lines of dialogue: a frustrated woman giving directions on her mobile phone, a security guard talking shop with a colleague, a cook asking a customer for something smaller than a twenty. It sounds convincingly lively, and amongst it all exists your target, a unassuming suit in an ocean of human shields.”


“The moment you push through the club’s double doors however, the bass track lifts and fills your ears with seedy treble and “pumping techno”. The atmosphere becomes heavy, drenched with noise and sweat. Men wave and bawl rudeness at dancing women, bar staff with trained voices shout clearly above the din – “pass me those glasses”, “keep your hands to yourself”, all stuff I assume is said in real strip clubs. It’s a seamless, stark shift from outdoors to in. Again, it feels like a real, cloying, sticky location.”