Hitman: Absolution – King of Chinatown and really nice reviews

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“The area is small – a central square surround by a small ring of roads – but it’s teaming with life. The bustle of people, noise and colour is impressively atmospheric, as is moving 47 through solid crowds, twisting and turning to slot between the throng.”


“The scene is breathtaking, even on six-year old console hardware less and less capable of impressing. Five hundred shoppers pack a market square, chatting and shopping and ordering from steamy food stalls. There’s a chef flipping noodles in a hot pan, and a man on a mobile in a hurry. We’ve seen large crowds in games before – hell, even Xbox 360 launch game Kameo packed in the NPC’s – but this is different. There are almost no repeating models, for one, and they’ve all got routines”


“Also worth mentioning is that, had time permitted, we would happily have spent more time replaying the same level both to improve upon our score (which will be shown to friends when they start the same level) and to experiment with different approaches. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we have an opportunity to do just that, because second attempts aside, Hitman: Absolution is shaping up to be something pretty special.”


“While Agent 47′s deadly instincts and puzzle design were enjoyable to experiment with, the unassuming star of the hands-on demo were the crowds. What must have been a few hundred people were densely packed into the Chinese quarter, mingling and going about their business in a very natural manner.

It’s a sight to behold, and important for gameplay too; visible and dangerous actions can send ripples of panic through the crowd, emptying the square and exposing you to armed assailants with nowhere to hide.”

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“He throws them open, and before him is a vast crowd of people. Vendors line the alley, as 47 walks slowly towards the pagoda where his target lingers. The first thing to note is the living breathing world that surrounds 47. You can see that each person has their own story in this massive crowd, and it really is incredible.”