Reviews… Embargo lifted and looks great!


Metacritic on day one… 87!


IGN 9 out of 10 “Amazing”

“It sounds great too. The dynamic score which picks up as the action mounts is well implemented, and there are quite a few moments where the audio design really pops. Approaching and opening a closed door to a loud, bustling bar, for instance, sees the sound launch from a subtle hum of chatter and muffled music to a roar of raised voices and bass. It’s well crafted. Hitman games are all about atmosphere, and Absolution gets it right.”



Officialplaystationmagazine 9 out of 10

“Some places are packed with NPCs, and I mean hundreds, in dense crowds that create a real sense of urban bustle. It’s alive with dialogue. There are phone chats, guards talking, incidental bit of side story and character exposition. IO obviously realized that if you are going to spend five minutes hiding behind a wall it might as well be interesting and have peppered locations with conversations worth hearing because they bring colour and life to world”

“What it does do is deliver about as good a story and rewarding experience as you’re likely to get this year.”

Official playstation magazine


CVG 9 out of 10

Feels like ‘proper’ Hitman, mixed with new ideas of varying quality. Crucially, it’s great fun, and you’ll want to play Absolution through more than once


  • Brilliant ideas, densely packed
  • Brutal kills married to IO’s trademark humour
  • One of this generation’s finest stealth games
  • The premise of Contracts mode…

“Absolution makes great use of sound from both design and aesthetic perspectives. I’ve never felt more “in a crowd” than while playing Absolution. Take different paths through a level and you’ll hear entirely different parts of a larger conversation. This is a great way to deliver contextual narrative through multiple playthroughs. These bits of narrative aren’t integral to pulling you through the game but are a nice touch and go a long way in creating a sense of place in Absolution.”