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Hitman: Absolution

Technical designer with focus on levels, physics, crowds and technical implementation.

As a technical designer at IO Interactive I’m responsible for the following areas -
Our crowd system which have has been one of biggest sound challenge ever… and extremely educational.
The technical setup behind our weapon system – Do love the potential of our engine G2
Our extremely ambitious dialogue system. Throwing a lot of ideas at our incredible dialogue team and hopefully helped them just a little bit, with my views on context related dialogue. See Context Dialogue
Our rigidbody system which required a totally new system to meet the claims that we have for Hitman: Absolution.
Inspired by the system done in Little Big Planet we developed a system capable of handling every situation where an object hit a surface… You’ll hear☺


Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

Sound designer with focus on levels, weapons and the multiplayer part

Oh did I do ventilators and fans. Shanghai seems to be filled with those☺ From an designers point of view this was really exiting trying to hit that youtube sound and define the specific elements.



Lead sound designer and composer for this Unity game

Everything in this game. Did loved my Play plug in back then


Entrepreneurship and Project management


Music and sound design as a branding tool.